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Note: Detailed descriptions of the bonuses listed in the above video are located at the bottom of this post.

How To Claim Your ViralPaybot Bonuses In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Click Here To Purchase ViralPayBot Though My Affiliate Link.
2. Forward your receipt to with the subject “ViralPaybot Bonus.”
3. After you send me a copy of your receipt and I confirm your purchase I will send you the download link to your Bonus Package!

What is ViralPayBot?

ViralPaybot is a new plugin that will lock your content in several different ways including a payment lock. This new plugin is a social content locker with the added option to make your visitors pay to see the content that you lock.
In other word you can make your visitors Like, Tweet, or Googoe+ your content or have them pay a fee to unveil it.

You will be able to lock any content they wish on your site and one of the means of unlocking is for the browser to “PAY” 20 cent or 1$ or 77$ to unlock the content that is displayed on the page.

Here are the key features of the plugin:

  1. Can set the content locker to set to collect small payments like 20 cents or large payment like $100. It’s completely up to you.
  2. You can select parts of a page to lock or even lock an entire page.
  3. You can set the content locker to require payment or a social share.
  4. You can set the locker to unlock for a certain time that you determine like a week, a month, or a year.
  5. You can add a video to explain whats behind the lock content to get higher conversions.

This plugin is the first of it’s kind and is an excellent way to monetize your content. You can lock paragraphs, videos, your optin form, or even the download link to your product.

Not only can you get this one-of-a-kind plugin for only $17…I am also going to give you 29 extra bonuses to help you get even more visitors to your site..which means extra money for you. Look below for full details.


How To Claim Your ViralPayBot Bonuses In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Click Here To Purchase ViralPayBot Though My Affiliate Link.
2. Forward your receipt to with the subject “ViralPaybot Bonus.”


Ps. I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my site and reading my ViralPaybot Review

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Viral Pay Bot is a new plugin designed to help you monetize your site by locking content and requiring a social share or payment to unlock it.

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